datacraft is the club dedicated to
data scientists and their company

datacraft is a learning & coworking Club for data scientists. It allows data scientists and data engineers to share best practices and train with their peers. datacraft enables cross-fertilization and helps accelerate the implementation of data and artificial intelligence projects.

The first Base opened in February 2020 in Paris, gathering pioneer member companies. datacraft is also hosting 600+ high level data science researchers and freelance in residence.

Our mission is to contribute to an efficient and responsible use of data.

Being a member of the datacraft Club means :

  • Being able to participate in all our workshops, train with your peers and accelerate your projects
  • Joining our community of experts, accessing our tools (Slack, Github…) and our premises – our first Base is located in the Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence, in Paris
  • Find data talents: propose missions to researchers and freelancers in residence ; find partners for projects.
  • Access to all our other activities: our monthly evenings for CDOs & HR, our Comex seminars…
Trustworthy AI Charter

Trustworthy AI Charter

We aim to act responsibly, create and promote an AI that is lawful, ethical, inclusive and robust. It is important to ensure the protection of fundamental (human) rights and user safety.

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