Adrien Sedeaud

Adrien Sedeaud holds a PhD in sports science from the René Descartes University in Paris. He launched two start-ups: Prolongation-Sport: a sports information website offering the deciphering of news through data viz, and S4Health, a consulting and statistical analysis company, in health and high level sport. Adrien is a Sport Scientist and Deputy Director of Research at the IRMES (Institute of Biomedical Research and Epidemiology of Sport), a laboratory of the INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance). Its objective is to collect data relating to high-level athletes, analyse them in order to optimise their performance, reduce the risk of injury, analyse the competition or estimate the medal potential of athletes at upcoming major events with its DETECT team. Adrien is one of the first researchers focusing on the creation of decision support tools based on massive data in high level sport in France. He is also the co-writer of the National Data Plan prefiguring the Sport Data Hub

What motivates you in your daily work as a data expert?

As a sports enthusiast, my job is my passion. supporting staff and athletes, working on scientific support or research projects that are different each time, allows for a renewal of themes and actions that always boosts motivation

What does datacraft bring you?

A community of experts allowing us to challenge what we do, to learn about fields we don’t know much about, the possibility of taking part in relevant workshops and, above all, to learn from our peers via companionship, and that’s good


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