Bastien Delaly

After a master’s degree in Nanoelectronics for integrated circuits, I discovered Data Science and Machine Learning during my master’s thesis. Since then I worked as a Data Scientist for a big hospitality group and now for a start-up specialized in Marketing for mobile apps. Outside of my work, I am passionate about data in sports especially in football.

What motivates you in your daily work as a data expert?

I like the challenge of discovering new behavior using data. I also like to help data experts solve their daily problems using data because I learn a lot about their activities. Data doesn’t have boundaries and is used in any field. This pluridisciplinary aspect motivates me every day !

What does datacraft bring you?

Working in a startup environment is really enthusiastic because you need to do everything. But there are many challenges that are difficult to solve by myself. datacraft is bringing me an environment where I can discuss and learn from my peers thanks to the office and the great network of members, and also thanks to the workshop and the activities that run datacraft.


Bastien Delaly

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