Marc Bouvet

Marc is a graduate engineer and often performs in a role of liaison between tech and business. He started in the enterprise analytics sphere, first practicing operationally as a data engineer (mainly telecom and web), and then leading projects and teams on structured data issues (data warehousing / corporate performance management / (un+)supervised machine learning). As freelance now, Marc contributes to create value towards a smarter data culture using machine learning and data management skills: in parallel in the public sector and elaborating a decision intelligence framework, nicknamed PPLIC.

What motivates you in your daily work as a data expert?

Before the rise of  “data science” and becoming a data expert, I started with a hack to speed up practical work in physics. I’m interested in the mechanics of transforming information (computer traces) into relevant and useful prescriptions, knowing that the field of possibilities is rapidly expanding: Vertigo. What motivates me is the demystification of AI for teams and companies that are on their way to a better data culture. Among this, I focus on the know-how and on methods/knowledge/tips/skills and tools teams need to collaborate efficiently.

What does datacraft bring you?

datacraft has a singular positioning and the residency brings me valuable things that are rarely found elsewhere:

1/ Being able to meet and exchange with a variety of personalities (with different backgrounds and experiences) on data science issues outside the constrained framework of usual professional relations: that is to say, outside the supplier-client relationship, outside the marketing/commercial discourse of some (vendors), not limited to technical/technological skills of individuals.

2/ To make a specialized contribution on my favorite subjects, which brings me feedback.


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Marc Bouvet