Antoine Isnardy

After graduating from an engineering school, Antoine Isnardy obtained a Master’s degree in data science at Ecole Polytechnique in 2017. He worked for several companies as a Data Science Consultant before joining Danone in 2020 as Senior Data Scientist.

What motivates you in your daily work as a data expert?

What gives me energy is to crack high-stakes problems. Danone, which I joined in 2020, thanks to its status of “Entreprise à mission”, offers a framework where business and environmental challenges are mixed – a combination that is dear to me. Curious by nature, I like to apply the latest (and oldest) progress in statistics, ML or DL, to jobs or subjects that I often know little about at first, but that I am very excited and enthusiastic to learn about as the project goes on.

What does datacraft bring you?

datacraft is a great community because it brings together profiles that usually do not naturally meet and discuss at the same time: students, researchers & private individuals. This unique combination of profiles allows us to easily take a step back on a wide range of subjects, whether they are technical or more philosophical. I am curious and eager to see where the collaborations we have started on topics such as ethical AI will take us.


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