Emmanuel Daveau

I am Emmanuel, and I work as a Data Architect at Shom. I come from the academic world where I studied linear and Bayesian statistics applied to human sciences. I then did a master’s degree in Data Science, where I developed a passion for Linux and data architecture, which quickly became my core business.

What motivates you in your daily work as a data expert?

So many things, but mainly, I would say my curiosity! In this job you always have to stay alert, learn new things and anticipate what comes next. But you also have to take a look at what’s been done before. How did we get here? What needs led to the creation of this tech?

What does datacraft bring you?

I’ve just arrived, so I’m still discovering all the resources Datacraft has to offer. At the moment I am getting to know the people who are part of it, and I am always surprised to see the quality of the work that its members undertake.


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