Jean-Marie John Mathews

Jean-Marie is researcher in AI Ethics at Institut Mines-Télécom. He is also the coordinator of the academic chair Good In tech (Institut Mines-Télécom / Sciences Po). His research addresses the use and perception of AI Fairness, privacy preserving ML and XAI tools. He is getting published in top international journals and conferences such as Journal of Business Ethics, Technological Forecasting and Social Change or the International Conference on Information Systems. He is currently teaching at Sciences Po on Algorithms & Public Policies and at Aivancity on Mathematics for Machine Learning. In the past, he worked as a Data Scientist and AI engineer after graduating in Mathematics (ENSAE), Economics (Sciences Po / Polytechnique and PSE) and Philosophy (Sorbonne and ICP).

What motivates you in your daily work as a data expert?

AI Ethics is a new research field and one of the fastest growing fields in Machine Learning. It emerges from the numerous ethical concerns, vulnerabilities, and incidents raised by current AI development. I love how transdisciplinary the field is evolving. On the same day, one can work on a new Python library on XAI, while writing a philosophical paper on the socio-materiality of the pragmatist conception of ethics.

What does datacraft bring you?

I like to root my research on daily practices of data scientists, AI engineers, etc. By joining datacraft, I have the opportunity to get in touch with a very innovative data scientist community. Datacraft is a wonderful initiative to share our knowledge on AI practices, concerns on ethics, guidelines etc. This is a place where researchers and practitioners can work together, discuss their works and contribute to building better AI.


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