Joel Perez Torrents

As a black sheep in a family of artists, Joel Perez Torrents went to an engineering school. However, he decided to do a Master of Research in innovation management, a merging of both the technical and creative worlds. It was done as an apprenticeship at Ekimetrics, which allowed him to discover the real world of data science. Last October, he started a PhD in management under MD Etienne Minvielle to understand “the contribution of AI in organizing the personalization of the patient pathway”, a way to push forward his different skills for a cause he deems worth it.

What motivates you in your daily studies?

I am very lucky to be on a thesis grant (don’t depend on a company). I have a lot of freedom which could become a burden, yet the pleasure of learning new things every day and interacting with great people makes me forget the notion of work.

What does datacraft bring you?

Chocolate breads. Joke aside, it’s very stimulating and a source of intellectual nourishment. I can keep in touch with the world of data science and also with the world of health thanks to a vibrant community. Hopefully, once my research is more mature, I will be able to contribute through a workshop or something elseā€¦ Wait and see!


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