Christophe Denis

I am an Associate Professor at Sorbonne University at the laboratory of computer sciences LIP6. My research activities deal with Artificial Intelligence, both in Computer Science and in Philosophy, contributing to the improvement of scientific knowledge. I am also carrying out works in philosophy of science on this topic through a new PhD thesis started two years ago. I am also passionate about the history of art.

What motivates you in your daily work as a data expert?

What makes me wake up enthusiastically every morning is firstly to follow the work of my doctoral students, having in common the use of machine learning to improve scientific knowledge. It is indeed very motivating to work in a new scientific paradigm in which it is necessary, I am convinced, to simultaneously carry out progress in computer science, in mathematics/statistics and in philosophy. Last but not least, it requires to perform collaborations between startups and larger companies, to build together the right questions to be solved.

What does datacraft bring you?

datacraft is the place to promote exchanges between academic researchers, startups and larger companies. Currently, this gives me the opportunity to set up a workshop on the explainability of machine learning guided in real time by the needs of the participants. I really like this pragmatic and progressive approach to share knowledge. I am firmly convinced that this way of knowledge sharing is more than necessary to build useful Artificial Intelligence tools to help solving the big current human challenges while ensuring everyone’s autonomy and power of action.


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